Pick your own reason to love satellite TV

Imagine the scent of crisp mountain air as you hit the slopes, a gorgeous ocean view, the sound of a fire crackling – and the cheers of close friends and family gathered around a television, cheering on their favourite sports team.

Sound too good to be true? The unimaginable becomes possible with Shaw Direct’s satellite TV technology. Cottage goers and RVers are able to experience the holidays away, without losing modern amenities. Including access to over 500 television channels.

“We know that for many of our customers, getting away for the holidays while being able to still watch their local news and sports is incredibly important,” said Jim Cummins, Group Vice President, Shaw Satellite Operations. “The true portability of our satellite TV product allows people to remain connected to their communities and programming, regardless of where they actually are.”

And the portability of Shaw Direct’s products has never been more enticing. They recently launched Canada’s most advanced HDPVR and a new HD Receiver which are light weight, portable, simple to install and incredibly powerful. Both feature an interactive on-screen guide that allows you to search for programs up to two weeks in advance and have the ability to hide the channels you don’t subscribe to.

Advanced receivers aren’t all that Shaw Direct has to offer. The unique elliptical design of Shaw Direct’s satellite dish lends itself well to travel and harnesses the power of two satellites, providing you with a reliable signal no matter where you are. Shaw Direct will be launching third satellite in 2012, allowing them to add up to 100 new HD channels on top of the more than 75 they already carry.

Plus, Shaw Direct provides extensive portability options for customers, ranging from fully automated RV solutions to affordable standalone tripods.

So what about the all important question when it comes to selecting a TV provider: are they there to help you when you’re setting up a dish on New Year’s Day when you arrive at your cabin?

When it comes to Shaw Direct, the answer is yes. Shaw Direct prides themselves on their 24/7/365 availability and 100% Canadian customer service, backed up by the fact that 90%* of their customers say they would recommend Shaw Direct to their friends and family.

“We care deeply about service, and that means providing exceptional customer experiences, each and every time we’re contacted,” said Cummins. “Our commitment to our customers, providing advanced technology and exceptional programming makes us an unbeatable choice for Canadians looking for a portable satellite TV service.”
For more information about Shaw Direct and how you can get free HD, visit SHAWDIRECT.CA or call 1-866-782-7964.

*Based on an independent survey by SRG of customers who recently joined Shaw Direct.

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